Public Relations and Social Media – Why this New Age Media needs adoption?

The World Wide Web has changed the way companies advertise and market their businesses. Its time for the Public Relations and Social Media to join hands as this New Age Media just cannot be ignored. With the rapid development of social media, many companies have changed how they communicate and engage with external and internal stakeholders. Public relations and social media campaigns can have a significant impact on an company’s reputation, both good and bad, in a matter of minutes.

Even though companies might not have entered the social media space, conversations may be happening about them, without their knowledge. Listening to what’s being said about a company on social media sites may be as important as engaging with the company’s stakeholders. Communicating effectively on social media sites can increase stakeholder satisfaction, increase trust and enhance a company’s reputation.

Here is my presentation made at National Seminar on New Media, Corporate Communications and Ethical Issues organised by Department of Communication and Journalism, Gujarat University in association with Public Relations Society of India on 24th of April, 2013 at Department of Communication and Journalism, H.K.Centre for Professional Training, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

What do you think? Should corporates start looking at Social Media as a Marketing and PR tool? Or do you vehemently disagree? Do share your thoughts.

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