Explore Kutch – Rann of Kutch by Car

Explore Kutch – Rann of Kutch

“Why Kutch?” friends asked when I shared my mini-vacation plans with them and I said, “Why Not?”. Even Amitabh Bachchan say’s as a brand ambassador to Gujarat Tourism – “Kutch Nahi Dekha To Kuch Nahi Dekha”. Months of November and December are the best to travel if you are planning to exploring Kutch by road.

Canon vs Nikon

Canon vs Nikon: Which DSLR to Buy?

When it comes to serious photography, photographers from around the world either prefer a Canon or a Nikon. But the question is: which one is the better of the two?

To answer in one word: “Depends”.

In more elaborated sense: “Both Canon and Nikon make cameras and lenses that are so good and so reliable that it is impossible to make a statement of which manufacturer makes better cameras or lenses.”