Hi, I’m Vishal.

First of all I thank you for visiting my personal site. I come from Ahmedabad – Gujarat which is located in the western part of India. I was born in Mumbai but relocated to Ahmedabad when my father – Nagendra Vijay – shifted to Ahmedabad from Mumbai in order to establish his publishing business under the brand name of Vishal Publications and Harshal Publications. He fulfilled his vision of giving something back to the society by the power of his pen and today SCOPE and SAFARI magazine are read, recognized and collected world over.

Somehow, I was more inclined towards IT. Though I spent my yester years in the publishing business, I always had a liking for computers and technology. And this liking got the better of me. I decided to pursue and build my career in IT industry. I can say that I got attached with power of computing when I was almost 14 or 15 after reading the book “Electronic Life” – a non-fiction book by Michael Crichton. But my actual career started in the year 1997 when I launched myself in the IT Training field.

Currently, I’m a Director with Dev Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. and Byte Technosys Pvt. Ltd., a India based Microsoft Gold Partner company with Remote Infrastructure Management (RIMs), Remote Server Support and Administration, Security Solutions, .NET Development, Web Designing and Search Engine Optimization as it’s business areas.

That’s too much of tech talk there. No, I’m not a nerd.

Apart from computers, I am found of music and I love to play Guitar.

I also like to paint with oils on canvas – especially landscapes.

I also happen to be a photography lover and love getting out and about shooting wildlife and landscapes

I’m also an avid reader, enjoy good food and love movies.

I would also love to hear back from you and read your comments and experiences on the various topics and posts on my site.