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Online Lead Generation Tips – Digital Marketing

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Online lead generation requires a heavy and well planned mix of different tactics encompassing both offline as well as online world. In this quick guide, I share the top online lead generation tips focusing on areas that can be used on the Internet and are a sure shot. Website A website is a fundamental starting point for all businesses. It can be a basic electronic brochure or a highly interactive website. In this modern times, it is now almost equivalent to advertising in the traditional “Yellow Pages” of the phone…read more

Depth of Field in Photography

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Everybody keeps asking me the question, “How do we blur the background in a photo so that the subject stands sharp?” Well, it’s a complicated topic and a bit technical too, so let me start with showing a few examples and then moving on to explaining the topic to my level best. Check out the two photos that I took of my daughter below to understand what we are trying to achieve. Notice how the background is blurred keeping the subject of the photo very clear? Here is another one shot…read more

Is my SEO Strategy Affected by Algorithm Updates?

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A question that would haunt a SEO Strategist constantly, “Is my SEO strategy affected by algorithm updates?” And the answer is, “Yes”. Google‘s algorithm for ranking websites is always evolving and also getting complex. Many a times, it becomes hard to understand which factors of the SEO strategy is putting a website at the top in the search results. So why bother about just Google? Well, according to comScore, Google remains by far the dominant search engine with 67% of the overall market followed by Microsoft sites. If we take…read more