Vishal Vasu

Internet of Things – What’s this buzz word?

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First it was the era of Smartphones and then came in Smart TV’s, Smart Cars, Smart Homes, Smart Cities which gradually starting building a Smart World. Yes, the World is changing and its started to wear an electronic skin. The invention of microprocessor leading to the manufacturing of the personal computer and in turn the World Wide Web was indeed a remarkable milestone in the history of mankind. And now, the world looks upon yet another big wave – Internet of Things (IoT). This wave, by analysts, is being perceived as…read more

Slow starting Outlook 2013

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Do you have a slow starting Outlook 2013 which takes ages to load the profile? If so, here is a fix that worked for me when I ran in to the same issue. Recently I upgraded my Microsoft Office to 2013 and over a period of time, my profile load time went from seconds to minutes. Once I clicked on the Outlook 2013 icon, all I had to do was to stare at the Loading Profile screen. Moreover, I also noticed that the performance of Outlook was slow when I…read more

Unified Network Management

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Wireless no longer plays second fiddle to the traditional wired network. IT Deployments have evolved from basic configurations in conference rooms and corridors to large implementations covering entire buildings and campuses. As IT departments continue the long transformation process to virtual and hybrid infrastructures, one factor remains constant – they need to know what is happening on their network, because without the network being up and performing well, nothing works. The key to operational efficiency means more automation and integrated management solutions, so that network managers and operators can focus on managing the network…read more