BYOD Facts

BYOD: Microsoft Exchange MDM Platform

A major feature that was introduced in Microsoft Exchange was the addition of Mobile Device Management (MDM) to provision command of mobile devices. This allows Exchange administrators to create Allow, Block and Quarantine lists in Exchange to control which mobile devices are allowed to access Exchange mailboxes. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is a synchronization protocol based on HTTP and XML and allows mobile devices of an organisation to access information like emails, contacts, calendar, etc. from the Exchange Server.

Email Archiving and eDiscovery

A company must provide employees constant access to their email accounts and manage copies of every important email to comply with regulatory requirements. If a company is faced with a lawsuit, it must have the ability to easily place legal holds on emails and conduct efficient e-discovery. Using modern mail archival systems that help in sticky situations where fortunes might have been lost, if it weren’t for the email archiving and ediscovery.