High Search Engine Rankings for Website’s Success

A survey conducted by market research firm TNS revealed that 75% of all online shoppers said that company size was not a factor in having their online shopping needs satisfied. Only 15% said they preferred to shop with large retailers (Source: TNS).

More than 80% of all Internet users find new web sites through search engines (Source: Georgia Tech/GVU Users Survey). That means that about 650 million people use search engines to find web sites. It is very important to do the right things in the right order if you want to have high search engine rankings. It is not enough to submit your web site to search engines and to wait for the results.

Search engines use a variety of factors to rank web sites. You have to work on all factors if you want to achieve good results. Here are few of them:

  1. Find the right keywords for your web site: The right keywords are not always obvious. It is very important that you target the right keywords before you start with your search engine optimization work.
  2. Optimize your web pages for these keywords: Optimizing your web pages for your important keywords is crucial if you want to have high search engine rankings. Optimizing one or two pages is not enough. Search engines analyze all pages of your web site and they put these pages in a context. It is important that the combination of your web pages shows search engines that your web site is relevant to a special topic.
  3. Submit your web pages to all important search engines and directories: After optimizing your web site for several keywords, you can submit your web site to search engines and Internet directories. Although search engine submission is not as important as it was (many search engines will find your web site through links on other sites), it can still help you to get your web site listed faster.
  4. Get links from other web sites and make sure that these links contain your keywords: Links from other web sites are extremely important if you want to have high search engine rankings. Your web site must have good incoming links to get high search engine rankings. High search engine rankings are always the result of optimized web pages and good incoming links.
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