How does your website look on an iPad?

iPad user base is increasing day by day and the time has come that this device cannot be ignored anymore by web developers. They need to start paying attention as to how the websites they design will look on iPad. So how does your website look on an iPad?

There is no need to smooth talk your boss in to buying you one for testing. iPad Peek is a nice web based emulator that allows you to experience how the website would render on an iPad.

The tool allows to switch between Landscape and Portrait modes, though the virtual keyboard and the classy buttons in the interface are just for the looks. The refresh/reload works though with a javascript function.

The website rendered in this tool does not give the exact iPad experience however. The interface uses jQuery and CSS3 and plays Flash which is not supported in iPad. To get a true emulation, you need to disable the Flash plug-in for your browser.

Overall, a handy tool for web designers or website owners to check how the Apple iPad renders their website. Go ahead and try it out by visiting

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