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Microsoft recently announced the beta availability of a new cloud-based subscription-based remote infrastructure management solution for mid-sized businesses called InTune. Microsoft Intune allows admins to manage computers from any location instead of forcing them to be at their own console, and it’s not just an enterprise-scale application, either. Windows Intune simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7—making it easier for IT staff to manage and secure PCs from virtually anywhere.

For instance, Intune highlights the ability to manage updates released by Microsoft, as well as block malware using Microsoft’s Malware Protection Engine. The buck does not stop there. It also enables technical support personnel in an organization to monitor PCs and provide remote desktop support for their users. Additionally, Intune also includes tools for tracking hardware and software inventory, including the ability to monitor assets, licenses, and compliance. It also has remote management tools like remote desktop initiated by the client through the Intune service could be very helpful for consultants and corporate IT when a remote user calls with an email problem.

From the first looks of it, the interface seems to be good which is built in Silverlight. Going to give this beta a try and see how it goes.

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