Moved to WordPress from Blogger

Finally I decided to move away from Blogger and setup my own blog using WordPress.  This does not mean that blogger is not good, but I wanted some extra flare on my blog which only WordPress could provide. The main thing behind the decision was the way WordPress offered ‘categories’, plugins and widgets.

The import from Blogger to WordPress is like a cherry on the cake. I could easily import all my old blog posts from blogger to the new blog in WordPress with a press of a button with the only exception that it broke all my links to the images. This happens because WordPress stores images in a different manner than Blogger.

Another feature that floored me was Permalinks. WordPress allows me to save my pages with static links. This really helps with the SEO part.

The plug-in called AKISMET also helped in protecting the comments on my posts from SPAM. This used to be a problem with Blogger.

Final word: my 2 cents to wordpress blogging.

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