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The day finally came and the website of Vanche Gujarat was launched successfully today by the Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi. In his speech after launching the website, Hon. CM cracked a joke that as such doing any event on the 1st day of April is risky business, but he somehow likes to take the risks head-on. Applause!

vanche-gujarat-02Vanche Gujarat is one of the programs outlined as part of the Swarnim Gujarat celebrations which focuses on promoting and fostering the culture of general reading across the state of Gujarat. I think this initiative will allow Gujarat to give lot of intellects to the service of the nation in the near future.

For this, the government will actively rope in private and government libraries, students of schools and colleges and voluntary organisations. Around 15,000 granth yatras, 2,500 reading workshops and 1,000 interactive sessions – on the theme ”the book they liked most” – would also be organised.

The website has been developed by us and I wish it shall pass on the message to fellow Indians and hopefully this initiative will not remain confined to the borders of Gujarat.

  1. The time has come when we need ” Complete and wholesome ‘. development of everybody.Reading is the only way by which a man becomes complete.Think of the people who are devoting their life for this noble cause.Hats of to people like Mahadev Desai,Jayu Mehta and all others.

  2. sir it is a very good programme and very essential as todays generation is not getting time to read. i will do my best to promote this programme.


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