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Remove index.php from URL for WordPress

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Many WordPress uses prefer to host their web sites on a Linux server so that they can get rid of the index.php that get’s in to the URL by using mod_rewrite module on Linux. This is not supported on Windows Server’s IIS. The main idea is to make the URL more simple and SEO friendly. Normally, when you setup PermaLinks in IIS, we get something like this: This means that each link to the post carries index.php in the URL which is not good. Outlined below are steps that…read more


How to Install Perl on IIS

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ActivePerl is a complete, ready-to-install Perl distribution for Windows and includes Perl Core, Perl Package Manager, Installers, Online Documentation, Windows Version Extras, Perl for ISAPI, PerlEx, PerlScript and PerlEz.   It is recommended to have 90MB hard disk space for a typical install. To get started, download the latest version of Perl from ActiveState ( Once the download process has completed, double click on the program to begin the installation process.       Choose Next to continue. You will be presented with the standard license agreement.   Accept the End-User…read more


How to Install PHP 5.x on IIS 6.0

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Start by creating a directory into which you will extract the downloaded PHP files. In this example I’m going to use C:\PHP as my installation directory. Then extract the files from the zip into C:\PHP. Please check the PHP website for latest PHP release. If you need to use the additional PECL modules then extract the files from the PECL Zip into the C:\PHP\ext directory.   Next locate the file ‘php.ini-recommended’ in C:\PHP and rename it to ‘php.ini’ (without the quotes of course)   Open the ‘php.ini’ file and find the line which…read more